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Dried yellow stripe scad

Dried yellow stripe scad is a saltwater fish that lives on the shore, its food is floating species. This fish is distributed in the Indian Ocean and the Southwestern Pacific Ocean

Yellow snapper is a specialty dish of Vietnam’s sea and is considered to have many nutrients, although the processing is not difficult, it requires the processor to be very careful and hard.

Dry fish on wooden desk, Sri Lanka

Products Specifications

Type: Whole-body yellow stripe trevally fish with skin/ without Head and Tail with skin
Color: natural
Moisture: 10%.
Salt: 1%
Size: 10cm – 15cm
Shelf Life: 2 Year
Additives: Non
Package: 10 – 20kg carton box or as customer’s request.
Benefit Of Dried yellow stripe scad
Dried fishes by heat from direct sunlight.

Regulates blood pressure: Sodium in yellowfin fish is an ionic substance that regulates the body’s fluids, participates in nerve transmission, thereby effectively regulating blood pressure.
Good for skin, hair, nails, blood, nervous system
Strong bones and teeth: The abundant calcium content in yellowfin fish not only helps strengthen bones and teeth, but also increases the activity of nerve fibers and heart muscle.
Reduce bad cholesterol: Niacin in yellowfin fish has the effect of lowering cholesterol, preventing many cardiovascular problems.