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Dried Round Scad

The scad has nutritional and economic value, is widely exploited and harvested in many parts of the world for food or used as bait fish. Dried scad has round body, lots of meat; himself hunting, dry, hard; blue upper body, white belly; Sweet taste, fragrant meat, soft

In Vietnam, in July, when the central region begins to have southerly winds, scads are also in full bloom. They emerge to the surface in shallow seas, where there is a lot of mud and plankton, to lay and forage. During rough seas, they dive to the depths.


Products Specifications

Additives: none
Freezing Process: BQF
Max. Moisture (%): 10-20%
Part: Body, WHOLE
PH Value: 3-7
Preservation Process: Salt
Size (cm): 5-12
Style: Dried
Feature: Vitamins, NATURE, Nutritious
Packaging: Bulk, Box, Bag
Grade: A
Shelf Life: 24 MONTHS
Shape: Sliced
Moisture: 20% max
Benefit Of Dried Round Scad

Regulates blood pressure: Sodium in yellowfin fish is an ionic substance that regulates the body’s fluids, participates in nerve transmission, thereby effectively regulating blood pressure.
Good for skin, hair, nails, blood, nervous system
Strong bones and teeth: The abundant calcium content in yellowfin fish not only helps strengthen bones and teeth, but also increases the activity of nerve fibers and heart muscle.
Reduce bad cholesterol: Niacin in yellowfin fish has the effect of lowering cholesterol, preventing many cardiovascular problems.