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Milk Blue - Eyed Dried Anchovy

For a long time, Anchovy is very popular in VN and over the world. In Vietnam, Anchovy specializes in Anchovy sauce, dried fish, frozen. Anchovies are small, common saltwater forage fish in the family Engraulidae that are used as human food and fish bait.
Dried Baby Anchovy is known as Vietnamese special food. It’s as good gift for family, friends and people who are abroad.

Dried shirasu

Products Specifications

Style: Dried, with head & headless
Net weight: 5kgs – 10kgs/ carton
Moisture : 17 – 20%
Salt : 3 – 8%
Shelf life : 24 months
Packing: PE vacuum bag or at buyer’s request
Benefit Of Milk Blue - Eyed Dried Anchovy

Dried anchovies are made from fresh anchovies, dried on clean nets under the natural sunlight of the sun. With such conditions, dried anchovies have a characteristic taste of salty sea, sweet and fragrant inclusions of fresh fish. It can be said that milk anchovy is a delicious and healthy dish because even children can eat it. Braised milk anchovies for hunting, a bit hard and salty, eaten with white porridge is very delicious, but dry stock is also delicious with rice.