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There are many kinds of fresh chilli in Vietnam, in which small chillidominates more than 70%. Compared to other spices, cultivation area of chilli in Vietnam is pretty large. The estimate total area is 10,000 hectares, with a total quantity of more than 100,000 MTs.
Most of fresh chilli planting in Vietnam is for export. As a result, Vietnamese fresh chilli has entered into many countries and territories in the world. China, The
Middle East, Malaysia… are our main export markets. In the meanwhile, frozen chilli is mostly exported to South Korea for processing Kim Chi.


Products Specifications

Style: Fresh
Type: Red Dragon 
Color: Red
Size :Small: 300 – 450 gr
         Big: 460 – 780 gr
Pack :4.5 kg, 9 kg, 18 kg
Transport:  By sea or by air
Storage temperature :2℃ – 5℃
Benefit Of Chili

Fresh chili peppers contains a number of vitamins and minerals. 100g of chili contains 198mg of vitamin C, B1, B2, beta carotene (precursor of vitamin A), calcium, iron, citric acid, and malic acid. The rich amount of vitamin C in chili peppers can control arteriosclerosis and lower cholesterol. Research by American scientists shows that chili has antiseptic, anti-rancidity, anti-cold effects and contains a number of nutrients, so it helps people to prevent and cure some diseases.