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White Pepper

The white pepper entails mainly the seed of the ripe berry of the pepper plant. Its thin darker color skin is often peeled. The removal of the skin of these berries is done through a process that is referred to as retting, where the wholly ripened red pepper fruits are soaked in water for approximately a week or so. In this regard, the skin of the peppercorn becomes soft and crumbles. The berries are then rubbed, which removes any remaining skin. The seed is then dried to remove the water and moisture content from the soaking. In some cases, other processing ways are applied to help with the removal of the skin of the pepper from the seed. This also entails extracting the seed from the skin through a mechanized process or a chemical or biological means.

Products Specifications

Density g/l 630 g/l
Moisture 13.5 %
Admixture 0.2 %
Packing/bags: Net Weight = 25-50kgs
Color: Natural color
TPC 50,000 CFU/g Max
E.coli : Negative
Salmonella : Negative
Coliforms : 50 CFU/g Max
Staph aureus : 100 CFU/g Max
Yeast and Moulds : 100 CFU/g Max
Benefit Of White Pepper

White pepper is used extensively in the treatment of arthritis and joint pain. White pepper helps in lowering high blood pressure and improves heart health. It also helps to maintain the good cholesterol in the body. White pepper can help in preventing the occurrence of cancer and is a known spice for prevention of prostate cancer.

Globally, the occurrence of prostate cancer in males is increasing, and this is a natural food that can help to prevent the same. White pepper is useful in the prevention of impotence too. It improves sperm health like sperm count and sperm motility. It is useful in treating stomach disorders and helps in treating constipation. White pepper improves brain functioning also.