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White Dragon

Vietnam is the country with the largest area and production of dragon fruit in Asia and is also the leading dragon fruit
exporter in the world. The area of dragon fruit growing in Vietnam increased rapidly from 5,512 ha in 2000 to 55,419 ha of dragon fruit growing area with a total output of about 1,074,242 tons (of which new plantation area accounted for 6,297 ha)
in 2018.

Products Specifications

Style: Fresh
Type: White Dragon 
Color: White
Size :Small: 300 – 450 gr
         Big: 460 – 780 gr
Pack :4.5 kg, 9 kg, 18 kg
Transport:  By sea or by air
Storage temperature :2℃ – 5℃
Packing : 25-35 pieces of coconut per bag, about 900 bags per container
Benefit Of White Dragon

It can strengthen your immune system. Dragon fruit is high in vitamin C and other antioxidants, which are good for your immune system.

It can boost your iron levels. Iron is important for moving oxygen through your body and giving you energy, and dragon fruit has iron. And the vitamin C in dragon fruit helps your body take in and use the iron