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Black Coffee Charcoal

Coffee is a tropical plant, living in a humid environment with an average rainfall of 1500 mm per year and a temperature range of 19 to 25°C. Most industrial coffee plantations are located near the equator and at an altitude of 300 to 2000 meters above sea level.

In the wild, wild coffee trees can reach heights of 7 to 10 meters.

Products Specifications

Shape : stick . lump
Size : diameter 3cm -10 cm
length : 3cm – 10 cm
Carbon content : 60.15%
Calorific value : 7013 kcal/kg
Volatile : 35.42%
Ash content : 5,32%
Burning time: 3-4 Hours
Benefit Of Black Coffee Charcoal

This type of charcoal is often used for heating, for restaurants, bakeries, water filters, air purifiers, car / cabinet deodorizers.

– Smoldering fire, set separately not turned off

– Quick ignition

– Smokers less

– Odorless, white ash