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Sawdust Briquette Charcoal

Mangrove Charcoal

Mangrove is an aquatic plant that grows in muddy soil around the estuary area along the coastline of Vietnam.

Mangrove’s wood is very hard and dense but not very durable, which is suitable for charcoal production.

Various other parts of mangrove are used by native people as food or traditional medicine.

Mangrove Charcoal1.2

Products Specifications

Diameter : 4cm – 10cm
Length : 20cm- 60 cm
Carbon content : 78.50%
Calorific Value : 7600 Kcal / kg
Volatile : 52,25 %
Ash Content : < 2,5%
Burning time : 5h- 6h
Benefit Of Mangrove Charcoal

There are many advantages of sawdust briquette charcoal. So, sawdust briquette charcoal is the great choice for your grill.

– Long-burning time

– High density

– Smoker less

– Withstand high temp

It is perfect to use for BBQ and burning