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White Coffee Charcoal

Coffee trees that die or have poor grain extraction efficiency will be used as coal.
Unstable wood is often bent, so the wood is rarely used for household appliances. Mainly wood is used to make coal. Coffee charcoal is light, easy to break when left outdoors. Characteristics of coal are usually light, easy to ignite, and the heat is moderate. Use in BBQ, and Shisha.

Products Specifications

Shape : stick , lump
Carbon Content : > 90%
Ash Content : <2,5%
Sulfur Content : < 0.01%
calorific value : > 8000 Kcal/kg
Moisture : < 3 %
Burning Time : > 4 hours
Benefit Of White Coffee Charcoal

This type of charcoal is often used for heating, for restaurants, bakeries, water filters, air purifiers, car / cabinet deodorizers.

– Smoldering fire, set separately not turned off

– Quick ignition

– Smokers less

– Odorless, white ash