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Vietnam has an estimated 20-30 native durian varieties, undiscovered and unnamed treasures. Most varieties in Vietnam are very mild and taste more like vanilla than durian, with a mild aroma, although thought People the wild highlands durian were some of the best durians have ever tasted and comparable to those I enjoyed in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Products Specifications

Color : Light yellow to yellow
Odor and flavor : Typical of fresh Durian
Brix : Min .26
Total count : Max. 100,000 cfu/ml
Yeast & Mould : Max. 10,000 cfu/ml
Total Coliforms : Max 100 cfu/ml
E. Coli Negative
Salmonella Negative
Packing Packed in two PE bags in carton boxes
Net weight :5 (±1 kg ); 10 (±1 kg ); 20 (±1 kg )
Gross weight : 6 (±1 kg ); 11 (±1 kg ); 21 (±1 kg )
Storage conditions : Deep-frozen, not warmer than minus 18 degrees Celsius
Shelf Life : 18 months under above conditions
Benefit Of Durian

It’s popular in Southeast Asia, where it’s nicknamed “the king of fruits.” Durian is very high in nutrients, containing more than most other fruits

Durian is widely celebrated for its long list of health benefits, which include the ability to boost immune system, prevent cancer and inhibit free radical activity, improve digestion, strengthen bones, improve signs of anaemia, prevent premature aging, lower blood pressure, and protect against cardiovascular diseases.