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Khaya Charcoal

Khaya tree is a large tree that is quite common in Vietnam, from 30 to 40 m high. Branching early, wing coming, canopy wide, trunk and oblong (base will gradually shrink to the top). Perennial plants are used to produce household appliances, and perennial plants are used for wharf or coal production.

Products Specifications

Shape : stick .lump
Diameter : 3-10 cm
Length : 3-10 cm
carbon content : 73,80 %
calorific value : 7175 kcal/kg
Volatile : 40,44%
Ash content : < 3 %
Burning time : >4h
Benefit Of Khaya Charcoal

Khaya charcoal has the outstanding advantages of smoldering, long burning time, especially not leading to large flames, very stable heat, so the food is cooked evenly without burning inside. Charcoal catches fire quickly, odorless, smokeless, non-explosive, very safe for users. The product is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors or in closed rooms.

Uses: BBQ, shisha.
– Smoldering fire, no flame, no explosion
– Quick ignition.
– Odorless, smokeless, white ash