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Dried razor clam

This is a family with many species of high value, is a kind of nutritious food, according to traditional medicine, Dried razor clam have a salty taste, cool properties, are used to treat water tumors (quartz), qi (qi). , thin sputum. Snails are spicy, cold, non-toxic, hydrophilic, expectorant, treat lumps, pee stones, white blood cells and skin heat..

In Vietnam, Dried razor clam are exploited all year round, but at the beginning of the rainy season (about May and June of the solar calendar) is the time when nail snails have the best meat, firmness and deliciousness.

Dried razor clam 2

Products Specifications

Origin : Viet nam
Feature – All Natural taste for Asian and western cuisine, Easy to prepare and cook with shell removed
Shelf life : 12 months
Packing : 250 gram, 500 grams and 1000 grams per order with properly packed
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Dried razor clam 6

Increase the body’s immunity Dried razor clam is a protein-rich food, very good for maintaining the body’s immune function. 
– Beautify skin and hair. …
– Good for heart health. …
– Provides a rich source of omega-3.

Dried razor clam is a very nutritious seafood species. In particular, snail meat has a cool, cold, salty taste that has the ability to improve the body, treat gas, dilute phlegm, expectorant, treat lumps, white blood cells, …